backlit facades


tunnels, airports, sound barriers


feature walls


animated stained glass


urban light sculptures

We create magic beauty with light. Large architectural glass surfaces can become colourful light murals; constantly changing when one walks past. We believe creating serene beauty adds connection and spirit to our information-intensive city lives.

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Backlit Facades & Urban Lightobjects

Light Fields bring depth and fluidity to backlit building facades or urban light objects. When people pass by at night, the facade moves along playfully. The colours, patterns and speed is custom designed for each project.

Tunnels & Walkways

Light Field murals are especially interesting for tunnels, walkways or sound barriers. Since the passing movement brings the colors & patterns to life. Design can be serene, but also playful or bold. We always look at the context and develop a design together with the client.

Feature Walls & Interior Screens

The design can express the character of a company, lobby or other public spaces. We can integrate a dimmable lightsystem that can be tuned to the time of day. These light objects can improve the quality of dark spaces.

Stained Glass or Sunshading

Light Fields are a contemporary form of stained glass and can add a colorful spark to sacred spaces. The prints provide protection from direct sunlight and can add privacy to spaces behind. Also applicable for glass roofs.

What it is

Light Fields are light elements that transform large scale architectural glasspanes into intricate surfaces of constantly changing colour patterns. Light Fields can transform glass roofs, tunnel walls, facades, sun facing glass panes, backlit walls, bridge elements or sound barriers into features that define a space in an elegant, durable and completely customized way.

How it works

The artwork consists of two layers of a semi-transparent full-color printed surface, backlit by either natural- or artificial light. The two layers and the lightsource cause an intriguing effect of constantly changing patterns and colours while the viewer passes by. Light Fields can be pre-fabricated and integrated into a new building project, or added as a separate installation.

How we work

All projects are site-specific; therefore we create custom designs for each project. With our team we develop technical integration, oversee installation on site, and work with local suppliers. We can deliver a project in about 8 weeks. We are experienced with working in different environments with a variety of suppliers, architects and construction parties.



  • Feature walls
  • Stained glass
  • Ceiling light
  • Moving walkways
  • Sun shading
  • Privacy screens
  • Tunnel walls
  • Backlit facades
  • Sound barriers
  • Light elements
  • Street lighting
  • Glass roofs



Projects start from surfaces that cover roughly 12 m2 or larger. Based on a consultation we will discuss suitable solutions and offer a detailed project proposal. Feel free to contact us for any questions.