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Thoughts about experimental city rooftop structures

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What about little but wonderful glow in the dark “urban gems” landing on top of the city’s dark roofs. Something that draws attention as if it was a curious visitor from another place, inviting you to stand still, and be quiet, in it’s sky high “head space”.








Levend Licht

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Levend Licht (Light Life) is a light installation proposed for the empty bridge houses in Rotterdam, a port city in the Netherlands. It is currently in development and will be realised in May 2017.

The project sheds light on the exceptional world of the bridge keeper’s profession and it’s partly gone and faded functionality. At the same time, Levend Licht suggests some kind of newly arrived surreal activity going on in these buildings.

Levend Licht is financially supported by Rotterdam CityLab010.

Click on this image for video of light tests>>

“Het einde van de wereld”

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“The end of the world” is how my grand father calls the grave yard. In the process of growing older he forgets words, procedures and relations due to Alzheimer’s desease. I am documenting his presence and the particular and humble way he interacts with his surroundings.

“Onze dagen zijn als een schaduw over de grond. En er is geen stilstand.”

If I were time

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This summer I started working on a “promiscuous” clock.  A clock that questions the actual effect that our time structure has on our lives. Wouldn’t it be more natural to let time follow our behaviour instead of the other way around?

"The problem seems to be how to connect without connecting"

Alice Aycock Project Entitled “The Beginnings of a Complex . . . ” (1976-77)

Drop at Leekstermeer

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Reflections on water surfaces keep triggering my attention. Those symptoms of life while time passes, are often worthy of a more sensitive way of observation. Stretching time is one way to unravel those movements, changing color gradients, the tectonics of the watersurface. These dynamics are a sensational art performed by the “ordinary” energy incapsulated in wind, water and sun.

A water drop’s fatal collision on its surface doesn’t make the slightest impression on the lakes heartbeat.

Location: Moms secret paradise @ Leekstermeer, The Netherlands.