About “Stills”

The countless number of rooftops within our cities resemble the tops of a mountain range hidden by low cloud – although present they are concealed by the vast mist of city noise and movement. Highly valued but requiring effort to reach.

Stills are a series of light emitting structures that present themselves as architectural sculptures on top of urban landscapes. They invite the inhabitants of a city to consider their perspective on urban life whilst questioning that urban living is more than problem solving. These objects lure us to the highest points, to expose us to wind, rain, isolated views, ever changing passing clouds or seeking an inward sense of comfort and protection. Observing the murmuring chaos below.

Construction method

Constructed in light weight, recycled plastic, technologically crafted as if grown from waste material. The proposal intends to explore the boundaries of additive manufacturing which in its current state of development, offers a tactile quality which can be appreciated at this scale. Their ethereal, ghostly forms, dream catchers of sorts, remind us of all what our elevated potent rooftops have to offer, but most of all show us what is happening right now.