Light Fields

Light Fields came to being at night. When the world whispers and time slows down. They are the manifestations of searching for wonder, and the non-rational qualities of life. They express ambiguities of life that are usually hard to express in symbols or words.

The technique I use has extensively evolved over the past 4 years. It tricks the eye like an optical illusion and became an entirely new medium to work with movement, colour and light.  High resolution color compositions come to life and dance with a sharp and graceful quality.

The Fire Series

Fire lives in all of us. This sensual energy can be both shy and powerful in its expression. This series called me to feel this fire without fear and use it with grace & determination. The constantly flowing colour compositions of this series gently radiate a sensual and fiery energy into the space they inhabit.

Fire of Mind


Fire of Matter


Fire of Heart


Technical Specifications


Inkjet prints, Glass, LED sheet, Electronics

  • Solid grey with brass edge or
  • European Oak with black edge

310 x 310 x 55 mm

  • LED driver 12Vdc -> 200-240Vac, max 30W, max 2.5A.
  • Cable length 4m, cable thickness 4x6mm,
  • cable color black or white.
Hanging Instructions

All stand-alone Light Fields can be hung on a wall using a single hook per frame, or placed on a shelf as self-standing objects.


While plugged in, short-touch the inserted dimmer on the bottom of the frame to switch the artwork on or off. Long-touch the dimmer to lower- or increase brightness.


The glass can be cleaned with a microfibre cloth and a mixture of alcohol & vinegar or any glass cleaner that works for you. The frame can be lightly sanded (grain 600) and oiled (Osmo Polyx-Oil, clear satin) if the wood starts to becomes pale over many years.


All parts are designed to be durable and timeless with eye for detail and sustainably sourced materials. The dimmable LED light and electronics are CE certified and very robust in its design. The longevity of LED light sheet is more than 50,000 hours/ 11years at 12 hours per day. I offer a warranty on the electronics for 3 years.


Custom integration of cables inside a wall is possible in collaboration with the client. We can propose custom specs and provide the needed installation materials to a local contractor. Quoted seperately on a basis of £ 75/h.


For larger spaces I work with constellations of multiple Light Fields. This system makes it possible to work in larger spaces and create powerful compositions and series of similar themed Light Fields.

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