“50K is a limited edition of ten, it can be custom-built on request”


50k is a one-time table series originating from dreams, feelings & thoughts about the Port of Rotterdam.
The ambiguous mechanical landscape in the harbour confronts us with the artificial veins of our daily lives.
The antique weight from Dutch trading history, cables, and steel tubes from gas pipes are constructed to carry a handcrafted table topmade of solid walnut- oak- or elm wood.

About the 50k table

Each table is carefully balanced using a 50k weight from the Port of Rotterdam. The weights are very scarce and haven’t been produced for over 50 years. Ten in total, each unique & numbered, represent the exclusive and austere character of this project.


The original weights, used for bulk trading purposes, were prohibited because of the Working Conditions Act in 1980. Each of them are stamped by calibration seals, a letter or number code indicating the years of calibration.


The table top for this series is made out of solid walnut-, oak- or elm wood. The wood is sourced in the Netherlands. The top and base of the table are handcrafted by the seasoned and incredibly talented carpenter Mischa van der Wekke, located in the former fruit harbour section of Rotterdam.


Black steel gas pipes and t-connectors are reused to facilitate the support structure of the table. The stability is assured by stainless steel elements, reinforced and blackened by a specialised hardening procedure that increases corrosion resistance.


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Price varies between €7.500 – 11.000,- depending on the type of wood

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